My Human Capital-Developement Foray Into Nigeria’s Capacity-Challenged Building & Construction Industry And The Concomitant Innovative Democratisation Of Real Estate Assets For The Many Who Are Interested In Home-Ownership 

​I was in LOVEWORLD TV’s studios this morning 20/01/17, to pre-record an engaging talkshow with 3 building and construction experts–some with contemporary training and long practise experience, from jurisdictions like US, UK and South Africa, where training is qualitative and quackery is criminal. (All are of Nigerian ancestry). 
They’ll be kickstarting (with two more from the UK and Dubai) the #TRAIN2BUILD building and construction institute (with emphasis on PRACTICALS, not the cram-purge-and-be-certificated rubbish that’s messed up our system) in a matter of days… 
NB: If anybody knows a Nigerian who has run a building electrical outfit in the UK for not less than 15 years and, who apart from having done the job hands-on in the 15 years, has a minimum of NVQ5 or B.Sc. Elect/Elect, and s/he’s passionate about giving back to Nigeria and making billions, tell her/him to contact me through my Facebook Messenger.
I’ll be in the UK on or before the end of February, 2017,  and I shall gladly be predisposed to address Nigerian clan/town groups, churches, mosques and those who may want to be mentored to form Nigerian co-operatives on how this project can help them to: 1. Empower young, presently unemployable school leavers and graduates in Nigeria with marketable construction skills; and, far more importantly, 2. Build real estate equity in Nigeria whilst empowering your kith and kin.
I’ll only attend pre-booked sessions. Invitations to address groups outside London may involve pre-booked return-ticket and hotel accommodation for a night (depending on distance to London) to be borne by the beneficiaries.
Please share as widely as possible…